• Slow Computer: Slow performance in  your daily actions can be strong indicators of symptoms that you may have a virus. Often virus could be using a significant amount of your system resources causing the slowing down of your computer. Some viruses used for botnets which preform DDoS attacks will use your network traffic too, slowing down any network services such as video streaming or even common web browsing.
  • Crashing Computer: Viruses often use your computer resources to their advantage and block some important services in the computer with the intent to avoid detection or being overwritten by your anti-virus software. When services become disabled by virus,  your system may crash frequently and get caught in boot loops trying to restore the system services to no success.
  • Devices not functioning properly: Often viruses disable your basic devices such as mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, printers, monitors by modifying the device firmware or system drivers. If the keyboard or mouse are effected, you could have a difficult time removing the virus. We know just what to do in situations like this!
  • Random Pop-ups & Confusing Advertisements: This is beyond common and we know how annoying it can be! Adware installs miscellaneous application and services to your computer which often result in more adware and even sometimes malware. They can change your web browsers homepage & search engine to something which only goes to advertisements, track your recent computer usages which can be used for targeted advertisements.
  • Unable to open Task Manager:  Many Viruses disable the task manager to avoid detection & being disabled. If your task manager is disabled, schedule and appointment and we will get you fixed right up

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